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Welcome  ARC Law Group, LLLP is a multi-service law firm located in Chicago, Illinois. Our clients include individuals, developers, lenders, homeowners, and corporate clients.  Our firm specializes in all aspects of real estate law: residential and commercial closings/transactions; landlord-tenant laws, leasing, short sales, loan modifications, building code violations, and bankruptcy.  We are committed to providing quality legal services at reasonable prices.  Our intent is to represent our clients so that they are able to realize the best possible outcome for each individual situation.

Illinois Building Blocks Pilot Program
Finally some downpayment assistance for homebuyers and not just first time homebuyers!  So, what is the program?  This is a pilot program that will provide ... 

What is a reverse mortgage?
A reverse mortgage was very popular during the real estate boom years when the price of real estate kept escalating.  They are still used now but they are not as popular as before because. .Read more
___________________________________________Illinois Law Grants New Powers for Landlords to Deal with Crime on Rental Property.
Public Act 97-0236 allows landlords and municipalities the ability to deal with criminal activity on rental property. Read more ... ___________________________________________
Amended / Weakened Vacant Home Measure Passes City Council
The Vacant Home Measure passed in July 2011 held banks responsible for the maintenance of vacant properties, even before foreclosure.  The amendment
requires .

Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program (HAFA)
This program, which took effect on April 5, 2010 and expires in December 2012, provides incentives in connection with a short sale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure.  A majority of banks participate.  What is a HAFA Short Sale?

What is a Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure?
 Instead of foreclosure, a borrower may be able to return the property back to the lender under certain conditions.  Read about this process...

Real Estate

ARC Law Group has successfully represented clients in a variety of real estate matters, both residential and commercial.  The real estate matters we handle include, but are not limited to, general real estate issues, closings, real estate law, condominium law, purchase transactions, selling transactions, building code violations, and evictions.   We focus on providing the best legal outcome and the best financial outcome for our clients.

Contact ARC Law Group for a confidential consultation or an appointment with one of our attorneys.  

Practice Areas

- Civil Litigation

- Purchase and Sale Property Transactions

- Bankruptcy

- Condominium Law

- Real Estate Law

- Short Sales

- Foreclosure Defense

- Loan Modifications

- Evictions (Tenant, Landlord, Condominium Associations)

- Building Code Violations

- Personal Injury

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